Doggin' America's National Parkways (A Bark In The Park)

The National Park Service has created two long-distance parkways that are dog-friendly and perfect for your next canine vacation. The granddaddy, the Blue Ridge Parkway that runs down the spine of the Appalachian Mountains from Virginia to Tennessee is the country's most visited national park. Although dogs are not welcome in Great Smoky National Park at the southern terminus the rest of the 400-mile parkway is mostly open to your dog, including all the campgrounds. A bit further to the west the Natchex Trace Parkway was developed along the historic route from the Ohio Valley to the Mississippi River. Both parkways are speckled with parks and historic sites that conspire to create multi-day outdoor adventures for any dog.DOGGIN' AMERICA'S NATIONAL PARKWAYS is part of the series from Cruden Bay Books that helps dog owners locate tail-friendly parks and trails: DOGGIN' AMERICA: GREAT OUTDOOR VACATION IDEAS FOR YOU AND YOUR DOG.