NewCell Complete Ion Detox Foot Bath / Ionic Detoxification Spa Machine

Scrubs, Salts & Soaks
The Complete Ion Detox Foot Bath is a Commercial Grade and Powerful Ion Foot Detoxification Machine that includes the electronic detoxifying unit, 2 arrays, a wrist strap, the foot bath container, a professional aluminum carrying case, a far infrared waist belt and a 2 year warranty. It provides a stronger and deeper detoxification experience compared to most machines on the market. The arrays are made with a special 10 coil steel that improves the detoxification experience. Via the NewCell Complete Detox Unit, water is broken down into lots of energy ions (namely positive and negative ions). These active energy ions penetrate into human body via capillary bore and cell membrane and thus supply the body with negative ions. After a complex biochemical reaction, the positive and negative ions in the body release more energy and increase the vigor of the cells. The detoxification process also improves the metabolic function of the organs in body, and expedites the metabolism. In 30 minutes, toxins and wastes, such as aged cells that are accumulated in the body, will be expelled quickly and safely and the body will gradually start to heal itself. The different colors of the toxins expelled from the body will help you uncover your body's health status.

2X Stronger Than Most Machines
Our Machines Use Special 10 Coil Steel Arrays
Powerful and Professional Grade
Complete System With Foot Tub, 2 Arrays and Liner Bags
Aluminum Carrying Case, Far Infrared Belt, Complete Manual